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It is with great sadness that we tell you that The Gold Rush Is On has died in Florida.  He was one of the last stallions to put Midnight Sun, Merry Go Boy, Merry Boy AND Wilson's Allen on the pedigrees of his many spectacular foals, and he was much loved by all the people who knew him. Although he is gone, his contribution to the breed will be felt for many years to come.


Twenty-five years ago, I had a wonderful palomino stallion that died from cancer at the age of 17 - his name was Earthshaker.

I spent 2 years trying to find another palomino stallion of comparable quality. A friend of mine in TN called me and said "I found your horse!!" I said "What is it?" He said "he's a yearling palomino stallion!!' I said "What am I going to do with a yearling...I need a horse I can breed right now!!" He said "you have to see this horse...he has more sense than any horse I've ever seen!!" Needless to say, I bought him!! It was the best move I ever made....

His name was Sun's Mr President...that name did not do him justice...so it was changed to The Gold Rush Is On!!!

And it has been the best move I ever made for the past 23 years. Gold Rush has been our most popular breeding stallion. We have shown him both built up and flat shod...he is very naturally gaited...gentle...sensible...with a perfect disposition. He is by a son of Midnight Sun and out of a palomino daughter of Merry Go Boy.

With a tear running down my cheek, I can tell you
that Gold Rush is on his way to his new home in Florida. 

Gold Rush had a lot of ups and downs in his life...his most recent one was when he was attacked by another stallion that had gotten out of his stall in the middle of a January night...the injuries affected Gold Rush's equilibrium. My wonderful chiropractic vet, Dr. Brian Reeves, said that when a horse has an injury to the spinal cord, it does affect the equilibrium. As a result, the last two years have been difficult from a breeding perspective because of the weakness from the injury.

When Holly Jean Gray approached me about buying Gold Rush a few months ago, it was a bit of a shock. It caught me totally off-guard....My first reaction was "no, we've been through too much together." But after wrestling with the idea for about a month, I finally decided it would be the best thing in the world for Gold Rush. Holly wants to have him to ride and enjoy...no breeding to the public. And as hard as Gold Rush has worked for the last 23 years...why shouldn't he retire to Florida to enjoy the rest of his life... We will miss him greatly!!

Mary Ellen

The Gold Rush Is On is a deep golden color with a frothy white mane and tail.  He has beauty, size (15.3 hands), disposition and ability rarely found in a palomino Tennessee Walking Horse.  He is 24 years old.


This is a picture that we took the day after Christmas of Barbi Stapleton, riding Gold Rush for the first time. 
He will be 24 years old in January, 2005.

Photo by Bob Langrish of England

Photo by Bob Langrish of England

He produces many palomino offspring when bred to sorrel, chestnut, bay, black and palomino mares, plus an occasional buckskin, usually when crossed with a bay or black mare.  He has also produced an unusual mix of black and gold, where each hair is black but the tip is gold.

Gold Rush  has been shown successfully in both Show and Pleasure classes.   He is naturally gaited with  a big, rolling, rocking-chair canter.

Goldrush and Mary Ellen

The Gold Rush Is On is by a son of Midnight Sun and out of a daughter of Merry Go Boy. His pedigree traces back to foundation stock very quickly -- a rare find in todayís world.

This horse can put ALL of the following names on a foal's pedigree - Midnight Sun, Merry Go Boy, Merry Boy AND Wilson's Allen


Gold Rush is known for his gentle and sensible nature, and those traits are common in his offspring. It is not unusual for Gold Rush colts to exceed 16 hands when full grown.

Prepare to be spoiled by your Gold Rush coltís personality

Click HERE to see one in motion.

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Photos of the horses named in blue on the pedigree can be found in the Ancestor Gallery.
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The Gold Rush Is On, - a TRUE metallic golden horse, from the best of the old bloodlines - Go for Gold !!! Desert Gold's Palomino 
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