Jan. 1, 1962 - June 26, 1979

Earthshaker was a magnificent stallion.  He was a show horse that belonged to an evangelist from Minnesota when I first met him.  He was with a trainer down in Waco and I had a horse with the same trainer.  They needed someone to ride him, so I had the pleasure of doing that - in fact Earthshaker is the only horse I've ever shown under saddle.  It was at the State Fair of Texas Horse Show and everyone was yelling for him....people in the stands were saying "you won it"...I didn't get a ribbon...but he was a palomino and the judges were very reluctant to place a palomino in a built-up class...tons of people came to see me after the class...people I didn't know....and they were all saying we won it.

About a year later, I was lucky enough to buy Earthshaker ....he was the love of my life....he was the only horse I've ever had ESP with.  I would go to his stall to take him out to ride and he knew it...he behaved one way...then I'd go to his stall to take him out to show him to a prospective breeder and he would stand there like a statue...like he owned the world...then I would take him out to breed and he would already be excited about breeding....he always knew what I wanted.

When he was 17 years old he developed bad breath...the vet said it was an abscessed tooth....he pulled it....the bad breath stayed and he started getting a swelling on his jaw...the vet said there's probably another bad tooth. He pulled another one.... the lump on his face grew...finally did a biopsy and it was cancer...he was dead 6 weeks after the first tooth was pulled.  It broke my heart. 

It took me 2 years to find a replacement...The Gold Rush Is On...but there will always be only one Earthshaker...a most special horse in every way.  These pictures were taken of him in 1976.

     ----- Mary Ellen Areaux

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