Any way you looked at him, Sunny Midnight P. measured up.  He was "old blood" at it's best and old blood will tell.  

Through his dam, Go Boy Airy Mist, this handsome stallion obtained another golden cross all its own -- Merry Go Boy and Last Chance.  With those bloodlines, came the valuable lineage of Hunter's Allen F-10, Roan Allen F-38, Nell Dement and Mary Puckett, who traced back to Silver Red (ATR) and Onward, sire of Allendorf (ATR).  


Sired by the great Midnight Sun, Sunny Midnight P. epitomized all the notable characteristics of the breed.  Resembling his sire with unmatched presence, strength, and conformation, he had heart, stamina, intelligence and a natural way of going.  Sunny Midnight P. further established himself as a notable sire by imprinting these characteristics on his get.

If you wish to print off this pedigree, click HERE to load a black and white copy.

Dale Wallace

My grandfather, Lewis Perkinson, was Sunny Midnight P's owner/breeder.   His mother, Misty, was my boyhood favorite.  She was the horse that I rode daily and my constant companion.   I rode Sonny often but much of his early years were spent in training and showing with trainer J. W. Hicks and his son, Jimmy.   I enjoyed your website and seeing the progeny of my childhood friends.  I am glad you have honored the tradition of my grandfather.   I am sure that he sings your praises.   When we are able to visit our Dallas cousins, we will stop by to see you.  God bless.
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