We are pleased to bring you a few of the horseback events around Texas that you can participate in with your favorite Tennessee Walking Horse.  Please let us know if you are aware of any events taking place in our state, that are not listed here.

Equine Expo Of Texas

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Mary Ellen…

Here is the link for the upcoming Expo in Fort Worth at Will Rogers. 

This event is growing by the day and becoming more exciting than even I thought.   The Lipizzans are performing the Ballet De Chevell.  The Therapeutic Riding Assoc will be doing performances.  We are working on getting the Houston Mounted Police to do their desensitization clinic.  We will have carriages and drivers.  We will have How to Harness demos on LIVE horses.  Harness demos on live horses.  We have We have some of the most amazing educational speakers and vendors.  And a few of the other breeds include Haflinger, Baskir Curly, Fell Ponies, Icelandic, Andalusians, Lusitanos, Lippizan,  Rocky Mountain, Gypsy Cobs, Miniatures….and many more.

I’m so very glad you are joining us. 

I would like to see more Tennessee Walkers there to do some promoting and selling of your breed.  I know you mentioned you’d be contacting others.  Would you like me to ?  Or would you like to invite more of your clients ?  This is a “Marketing Expo” so bring the horses that are for sale and put signs on their stalls.


I’ve also taken the liberty of attaching the equine contract.  You might also want to consider something being added to the LIVE auction on the Sunday.

Call me.  817-297-9292

Linda Brown


The MOST EXCITING Equine event to hit Texas will take place May 14-15 at Will Rogers Coliseum. 


Meet the unusual and rare breeds  including the Tennessee Walkers.

AWESOMELY Interesting & Useful Speakers.

Great Vendors with Artistic & Useful & Innovative Products.

to see it all