Have you ever thought how you would feel if you went exploring in your grand-parents' attic and found a Rembrandt painting tucked away that no one knew about???   Shades of Pride was just that....and outstanding black stallion by WGC Shades of Carbon, by WGC Carbon Copy, by WGC Rodgers' Perfection and out of a direct daughter of Pride of Midnight with Sun's Delight breeding on the bottom line.


Shades was solid black, 15.2 hands and 21 years old. When he arrived, he proved to be a magnificent animal - much more handsome than the original photos that were sent.  He was majestic and proud, with a long, arched neck that comes straight up out of his shoulders, and a small, refined head with sharp little ears.  He LOOKED like a show horse. His most striking feature was his proud carriage, and powerful presence. He looked like he was the king.

He had a bold, controlled way of going, with a long stride that really covers the ground - very smooth and rhythmic. He was easy to handle but had not been handled too much.  He didn't have any meanness to him, - he was just ready to go, but he was mindful and responded nicely to what you asked of him.


Shades seemed to like it here at Walkers West.  He watched everything that is going on - didn't miss a thing.  Liked to see the other horses.  He was being handled every day.  He got to go out and look at the other horses.  He got ridden several times a week and got plenty of exercise.



He lived in Alabama all of his life.  Gary Fields in Heflin AL was who owned him last, but he only owned him about a year.  During that time, he bred some mares, so he'll have some colts coming this spring.  Prior to that he was not used very much and spent most of his time in a stall.


Shades Of Pride had some royal bloodlines that are not available elsewhere today.  With four generations of World Grand Champions behind him, there is no telling what he would have thrown if bred to the right mares. 

Shades of Carbon - 1976 World Grand Champion Judy Martin won the World Grand Championship on his sire, Shades of Carbon, by Carbon Copy.  Judy was only the second woman to win a World Grand Championship.  I was a big fan of the sire of this horse.  He had more stamina than any horse I'd ever seen.  In the old days, they used to work the horses in the show ring so hard, that the last horse standing would win.  Shades of Carbon was doing the same thing at the end of the class as he was doing when he entered the ring.

Carbon Copy - 1964 World Grand Champion

I have never seen a more consistent and better conditioned horse in the show ring.  Judy and Joe Martin told me many years ago that they would ride Shades of Carbon for hours every day and night to get him conditioned for the show ring...and it was apparent.  Shades of Carbon was like a fine watch....he did a perfect gait and had perfect timing from beginning to end.  He was a much-deserved World Grand Champion.

                ---- M.E.


Shades of Pride's outstanding conformation and natural ability had never really been utilized. This magnificent animal had been tucked away in a barn, totally unappreciated, for over 15 years.

It is with deep regret that we tell you that Shades of Pride passed away
from natural causes on March 22, 2006.  He was a magnificent animal...and now he joins his many great ancestors...Midnight Sun - Carbon Copy - Shades of Carbon - Pride of Midnight and others in that great eternal pasture that we all hope to visit some day.

Shades of Pride, living the good life, at Walkers West.
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