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This horse is not stabled at Walkers West.
Gorgeous 15 hand sorrel overo Tennessee Walking horse mare with flaxen mane and tail, and a great disposition, currently being ridden by an old lady. If I can ride her pretty much anyone can! UTD on everything, stands tied, loads easily, catches easily, likes people and attention, and stands for mounting. She just finished 30 days with a professional trail trainer. She has a great flat walk and running walk; haven't tested her full range of gaits because she's new to the saddle. There is not a mean bone in this horse's body according to the trainer.

Dee is the rarest of the rare. By Ebony And Ivory, she comes from the single line of overos in the walking horse breed; High Moonlight. Add in Pride's Gold Coin Sun's Delight D and Another Masterpiece and you have a solid foundation for gait and great disposition to add to that color.

There is not a mean bone in this horse's body according to the trainer. Dee trusts her rider to guide her through any obstacle on the trail; crosses water without hesitation, steps over logs, climbs hills --you point her and she goes. I have seen her do a rack at liberty so I suspect there is more to this girl than we have experienced under saddle. I will ride her regularly until sold but I can't keep her ridden like she deserves.

This mare will get you noticed! Foaled 04/25/2010. Located in Summertown, TN.


Photos of the horses named in blue on the pedigree can be found in the Ancestor Gallery.

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