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This horse is stabled at Walkers West.
CHASIN' FAME #925365
Beautiful 16 hand, chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse mare - very gentle for anyone to ride - very smooth. This grand-daughter of Ebony's Threat A. and Merry Go Boy has an incredible pedigree. Talk about old bloodlines, she also has Merry Boy, Roan Allen F-38, Merry Legs F-4 and Giovanni on her papers, along with World Grand Champions, Triple Threat, Mack K's Handshaker, Midnight Sun and Ebony Masterpiece. She has had 6 foals to date. Foaled 09/12/1992. Located in Texas.


Photos of the horses named in blue on the pedigree can be found in the Ancestor Gallery.


iPeds Production

  Horse No:  925365   CHASIN' FAME

Horse No. Name Color Sx Bl DN Foaled Mare No. Name Color
970770 CASH'S CHASIN' FAME BL S Y N 5/27/1997 825783 COIN'S HARD CASH BL
19906983 TRIP OF A LIFETIME PA S Y Y 4/11/1999 923345 TRIP MY TRIGGER PA
20103602 MY PAPA'S PISTOL SO G Y N 5/23/2001 850842 GENERATOR'S MY PA PA CH
20302772 TOP GUN ANNIE PA M Y N 3/25/2003 971992 ARMED SON OF A GUN PA
20412902 GUN'S CHASIN' FAME CH S Y N 10/18/2004 971992 ARMED SON OF A GUN PA
20709042 CHASIN' THE MOON PA M N Y 7/29/2007 20212694 SON OF A GUN'S MOONWALKER CR
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