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Name: frog
Email Address:
Comments: maryellen,
loyce and i were sitting here looking at all of your pretty babies.  she wanted to know where the picture of you and checker's is when you showed him in hand.  also do you have any picture's of shades capital gain.  we really enjoyed your site.  do you have any info on cotton's brother.  thanks
Jun 1/

Name: kenny
Email Address:
Comments: love your site
May  31/

Name: Kathy Grossman
Email Address:
Comments: Beautiful horses!   I fell in love with Dangerous Jezebel.  I have owned horses before, but never walkers.  I rode one that a friend had and have been hooked ever since.  I am preparing to own one soon and will make the short drive from Wylie to Kaufman to see what you have.
May  31/

Name: Burrell
Email Address:
Comments: LOVE!! the web site I am always checking it out. It has such a wide variety of things to look at and do. I just got my first walking horse named Kamanche. He has the smoothest gait. Although I still love my old horse who was a saddlebred. I wish the best for you. Good BYe!!!
May  30/

Name: Valerie and Ron Turnbow
Email Address:
Comments: Beautiful horses and website!!  We'll be back again!!!
May  28/

Name: Kelly Kavanaugh
Email Address:
Comments: What a wonderful web site!  I am proud to be associated with this breed and people like you!
May  28/

Name: Melissa
Email Address:
Comments: Mary and Doug are great. We bought our first walker from them. They matched us up well. Keep up all the great work. The website is outstanding and has great links.
May  26/

Name: Lisa Wilson
Email Address:
Comments: Love your site!  Have three Walkers...  Chance's Midnight Rose 935358 out of Sun's Midnight Mark and A Little Honey.  She has Midnight Sun, Wilson's Allen, and Ramsey's Rena on her top side.  Old Roman nose...  Big 'ole mare with a lot of heart.  She may be our next mama...  Just looking to see what's out there.  Also have Bum's Ebony Shadow 841482 out of Magic Bum and Ebony's Black Doll with Delight Bumin Around on top and Ebony Masterpiece on bottom.  Seventeen years old and her daughter is our other mare - Ebony's Midnight Trouble 979583 out of Ebony's Bold Masterpiece and (obviously) Bum's Ebony Shadow.  I'm still trying to learn about the registrations of my mares as well as ones I've considered for breeding.  Lot's of info to absorb!  Do you know of any books/sites that would help me in my quest for knowledge?  Would sure appreciate the help.  Thanks again for such a beautiful and informative site!  I'll be back...
May  15/

Name: Sabrina
Email Address: none
Comments: I love Tennessee Horses a lot!  Me and some of my family loves them too!  Especially my sisters and me and my mom!
May  17/

Name: Anthony Hickmon
Email Address:
Comments: As a small child my father, who professionally wrestled under the name of Tim Tyler, would take me to the Lennox home to visit in the barn with Mr. Lennox and Carbon Copy.  He was such an amazing beast!   I was only four years of age, and so I believed that the television in the barn was for Carbon Copy, not Mr. Lennox.   We visited several times a year, and to this day my mother has the big glossy photo's of the champion horse.   Those fond memories will be with me for the rest of my life.
Gratefully, Anthony Hickmon, Oklahoma.
May  15/

Name: Carly
Email Address:
Comments: This is the best site i have visited to find the right Tennessee Walker for me!
April 26/

Name: Carol Oitzman
Email Address:
Comments: Your website is great!!! My husband and I have 3 Tennessee Walkers. Our third was an early morning arrival last week. I have been trying to do research on our "babies" family tree. Four generations back his grandpa was Merry Go Boy. Our baby is a beautiful brown and white overo. We are looking into AIS for breeding our mare back. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for your hard work in your website.
Apr 26/

Name: Catherine Carter
Email Address:
Comments: You have one of the finest web sites I have visited in years of internet usage.  It is very easy to use, comprehensive and definitely informative.  I am in the market to purchase a TWH filly/mare and saw two young fillies on your ranch that I really like.  I will definitely call you tomorrow.
Sun Apr 21/

Name: Dale Wallace
Email Address:
Comments: My grandfather, Lewis Perkinson, was Sunny Midnight P's  owner/breeder.  His mother, Misty, was my boyhood favorite.  She was the horse that I rode daily and my constant companion.   
I rode Sonny often but much of his early years were spent in training and showing with trainer J. W. Hicks and his son, Jimmy.  I enjoyed your website and seeing the progeny of my childhood friends.  I am glad you have honored the tradition of my grandfather.  I am sure
that he sings your praises.  When we are able to visit our Dallas cousins, we will stop by to see you.   God bless.
Sun Apr 21/

Name: Andrea Cusumano
Email Address:
Comments: Great Site!! I can not wait to buy my own foundation bred Tennessee
Walker. You have a lot of lookers for sale. Good luck to you and your business!! I will put this site under "Favorites" for future updates!
Sun Apr 23/

Name: B. Pendarvis
Email Address:
Comments: Very impressive site, have returned several times!
Sun Apr 21/

Name: Arlene Gray
Email Address:
Comments: I need your help in locating a picture of Stormy Midnight G. #581849; shown in the 60's.  Is there a way you can request help to locate a picture on your web site?  Thank you for your consideration,  Arlene Gray
April 17,

Name: dawn simpkins
Email Address:
Comments: i was thoroughly impressed with your pics and info.  i greatly enjoyed the visit.
thanks again
Apr 16/

Name: Tricia Young
Email Address:
Comments: hi, not being a horsey person I have been given a essay to write on horse breeds.  Something about the Tennessee Walking horse attracted me and I had the luck to stumble onto your site. It has been a godsend with clear description and I come away with a warm yearning to know more about these gorgeous horses.  Thank you and well return again.  Tricia
Apr 16/2002

Name: Michele Dugan
Email Address:
Comments: Greeting from PA,
This has got to be one of the coolest web sites.  You have done a terrific job.  Found it my accident while looking for a TWH. What a shame you are so far from me.  You have some impressive stock.  Great job. Michele
Apr 14/2002

Name: Jewel Abee
Email Address:
Comments: I love your website!!!!! It is great. We raise T.N. walkers.
Apr 14/

Name: Teresa Oliver
Email Address:
Comments: I am not very knowledgeable of TWH except that I love to ride them.  I did not know until I read your site that I had 2 very high bred mares.  They are 2 and 3 years old and one goes back to Ebony's Mountain Man and Ebony' Masterpiece, with Sun's Delight D and I think she has Spotted Allen in her.  The other one also has Ebony's Masterpiece and Marshall Dillon I don't have the papers in front of me  But I was surprised to find the all on your web site.  It is great to know you don't have to go to Tennessee to find really good TWH.  Texas has it all.
Apr 12/

Name: Deborah Highsmith
Email Address:
Comments: I'm from the Gulf Coast, as well.  We live in Gulfport, MS, and I work at USM on the coast.  I really enjoyed reading the information on your website.  I, too, love Tennessee Walkers (grew up in Tennessee before moving to the Gulf Coast.)  We're hoping to locate a gentle Tennessee Walker for our two daughters to ride.  We appreciate any updates you can send us. (It was really nice seeing a website from someone from our area.) We'd enjoy hearing from you.
Apr  2/2002

Name: Judith Engelke
Email Address:
Comments: Hello, I come from Germany and my name is Judith (16 years old).  This site is real super, in Germany there is no site the approximately so good is how this.
I have of this site very many information found. I you hope you can understand what I say, because I can't speak English very good. I come on each event still very often again. Power of further so.
Your faithful
Apr  1/

Name: Jennifer Robinson
Email Address: boofohicks
Comments: Dear Walkers west i love this website i just sit and stare at the computer screen.  I am so glad I found this website!
Apr  1/2002

Name: Dan Baum
Email Address:
Comments: Hello Mary Ellen;
This is my first time to your web site (Carolyn Yeager told me about your site), a really great job. This is one of the most thorough equine web sites I've seen.

Just wanted to say Howdy, and congrats on a great site!!
Dan Baum
Mar 29/

Name: Sharon Diamond
Email Address:
Comments: Gorgeous Horses. Great web site.
Mar 28/

Name: Ralph & Ellie Bailiff
Email Address:
Comments: We love your Web-site, the best we have seen. We keep coming back for more. We now have a greater appreciation for the breed. In your giving back to the Walkers through this site, shows your love for them. It is difficult to find the right words to thank you for the time, effort and love you have put in this beautiful site.

We come to your area, from East Tennessee often and would like to visit Walkers West. I would love to get lessons from Mr. Smiley.

Ralph and Ellie Bailiff
Mar 26/

Name: Lisa Gray
Email Address:
Comments: This is a terrific site.  I've just purchased my first TWH and only after reviewing your list of champions do I realize what a terrific pedigree my horse has.  Thanks for the great info!!!
Mar 20/

Name: Lisa McCullough
Email Address:
Comments: I love your farm. I really enjoy touring the barn. It's the best display I've ever seen. I would like to see more horses.   Powder River Fan!
Mar 16/

Name: Jamie Martino
Email Address:
Comments: Your website is great and all of your Stallions are SO awesome! That is why I want to personally invite you to list them all on my website! I would be honored! Thanks
Mar 16/2002

Name: Kolby D. Wyant
Email Address:
Comments: I think Walkers West is the #1 Walking Horse breed history web site! I love it!!!!!
Mar 10/

Name: Dave Fullerton
Email Address:
Comments: I am disappointed in not being able to observe Prides Gold Coin, Coin's Hard Cash, or other Gold Coin Walkers.  Am I just looking in the wrong place?  Your site is amazing.  I spend hours on it, and have learned soooo much about the breed here.  No complaints-- I just can't find the above???  
Thanks, Dave Fullerton
Mar  7/

Name: Ashley Henley
Email Address:
Comments: I really enjoy your website i come to it all the time. I dream about owning one of them but i cant really afford the buying price. I am only 15 years old but i have had a love for horses all my life. Hopefully one day i can follow your footsteps. You are now my guide in life and you made me realize what i want to do in my life.
Mar  7/

Name: Melissa
Email Address:
Comments: The virtual tour was fun.  Great site.
Mar  6/2002

Name: darrell sampson
Email Address:
Comments: i enjoyed the site
Mar  6 /2002

Name: Jessica
Email Address:
Comments:  I love your site. I visit here often. I live in NC and own two Walking horses.
One is by Motown Magic, out of a Jubilee Star mare. The other is by a Generator stud, out of a Gold Coin mare. They are both show horses. Keep up the good work on the site. If I'm ever in Texas, I'll stop by.
Feb 28/

Name: Jerry Wilhoite, Jr.
Email Address:
Comments: I like your website, but could you show more of Ebony's foals like Ebony's Mountain Man.       thanks 
Feb 26 /

Name: Cheryl
Email Address:
Comments: One of the best web sites I have visited. Your information about all horses is extremely detailed.  The pictures are well done. thanks- Cheryl
Feb 26/

Name: Alice Rice
Email Address:
Comments: Great site.  I am close to Morehead KY.  Where are you in TX?
Feb 25/

Name: Carol Rizer
Email Address:
Comments: Great site.  We would like to visit your facility on Friday, March 29.  My neice would like to either ride one of your gentler horses or perhaps have a riding lesson.  We are from Athens.  I am interested in purchasing a colt or perhaps a gentle mare.  Would you be able to accommodate us?  I would appreciate a response as soon as possible, so that we may plan our trip to your facility.  Thanks!
Feb 24 /2002

Name: Pat Ireland
Email Address:
Comments: This site really took me back down memory lane.  My husband and I have the wonderful walkers .  I was raised riding walkers and always feel close to my dad when I go through the history of the breed. I had the extreme privilege riding Midnight Sun not long before he died.  My dad died the Christmas of the same year. When I tell folks that I rode him, I have to show them the pictures or they won't believe me. Thanks for such a wonderful walk through time.
Feb 22/

Name: Beth Hendred
Email Address:
Comments: great site
Feb 22/

Name: Jan
Email Address:
Comments: love your site.    Thanks for your time.  Jan
Feb 20/2002

Name: trudy drope
Email Address:
Comments: I also own and love the tennesse walker, and always enjoy seeing others with the same interest. your site is one of the best.
Feb 16/

Name: Tony Louis
Email Address:
Comments: Enjoyed your site. We are a small facility just getting started in WI. We started riding two years ago and are having a great time as well as meeting lots of new people. Last summer we bred two walker mares and should have a pair of babies for sale this summer.     
Tony Louis
Feb 15 /

Name: Amy Hooten
Email Address:
Comments: Hello,
My name is Amy and I'm 14.  I live in Tennessee & own 8 horses, but only 2 of them are Walking horses the rest are racking.  One of our neighbor's horses is over here.  She is 2 years old and walks like she should be older.  She's very good. Her half sister is Shout. One of the walking horses that we have got is out of Prime candidate, and Ebony's Portrait In Black.   He has Ebony Masterpiece on both sides . He's red with a white main & tail.  He's three years old and walks sometimes but the other times he lazy.
The other is a strawberry roan and don't do nothing. So we just use her as a brood mare. I loved your website, and i really love how u had stuff in there about the horses that have died. I would like to say that u did an fantastic job on the website.
And i will come back.
                      -Amy Hooten
Feb  9/

Name: Tina Sanders
Email Address:
Comments: Mary Ellen,   Just wanted to let you know i came back for another visit. You have done an absolutely wonderful job with your site! Keep up the good work. Thoroughly Enjoyed!  Tina
Feb  6/

Name: Alfred and Pam Hohenstreet
Email Address:
Comments: Wonderful information Thank you!
Feb  1/

Name: Bridgette R. Burks
Email Address:
Comments: Great site, also looking into breeding with Powder River.
Feb  1/

Name: Dolores Gadbury
Email Address:
Comments: Found your site linked from Whispering Pines Stables in IA.  You have a BEAUTIFUL website.  I am in the market for a very gentle, quiet, easy going horse for pleasure/trail riding and possible driving.  I am a retired, grandmother that loves horses and riding.  Have had back surgery twice so that is why needing the very gentle, quiet horse.  Riding seems to help my back.  I live 24 miles West from the TX panhandle, North of I-40 in NM so may drive over to your side of TX and see you in person sometime. Keep up the good work on your website.  I will be checking your website again soon. Dolores
Jan 28 /

Name: Kym
Email Address:
Comments: This is the COOLEST horse web site I have ever seen! Love your virtual barn tour.
Jan 28 /2002

Name: Michael  Yarber
Email Address:
Comments: We have enjoy your web site.  We would love to come visit your barns, And visit Doug Smiley.
Jan 28/002

Name: Jeff Burrow
Email Address:
Comments: I rescued a Tennessee Walker from a Hack line. He was papered but I had NO idea what I had. As Midnight Sun had sired over 100 horses for over 20 years, there are, I am sure many descendents from him. I have one, Shadow's Mr. Sundown 833241 (foaled 7/15/83) , who has Midnight Sun 410751 from both sides in linage as well as Merry Go Boy 431336, Midnight Mack K 490450, Mack K's Handshaker 561320.  4 World Grand Champions from blood line.

I was excited to find your web site that helped me understand about this beautiful Walking Horse. Shadow, like the previous versions is a delight and even though I felt honored to have him, feel even more special since I have learned of his linage.

Thanks for a really KEWL web site. Shadow is 18 and is living a wonderful life! If Robert Sylvester or Donna West read this, l would like to send a photo of this wonderful animal to them.
Again, thanks!

Jan 26/

Name: Brenda Crenshaw-Lazy R Farms
Email Address:
Comments: We own Shaker's Panit Undercover who traces back to Midnight Sun, and several other great Walkers. We love your web site, Shaker is a handfull just being under 2 years old and as black as Midnight Sun with no other markings. He is a hands on stallion and has a great temperment. We will be back to visit your site. Thank you for doing such a great tribute to a long line of great horses.
Jan 25/

Name: Anna and Amy Taff
Email Address:
Comments: I love horses. I wish that I could get one, but I do not live where I can have one. I do have two dogs (shelties), two rabbits, a guinea pig, a cat, and a fish, Sunny! I heard about your virtual barn from a friend.  It was a lot of fun.  My Mom fell instantly in love with Gold Rush and Gold-n-Glimmer.  I liked them all.  I am sure I will be back to visit and keep dreaming.
Horse Lover- Anna Taff
Jan 23/

Name: Diana McHardy
Email Address:
Comments: I love your site!  Very informative and fully focused on all aspects of this magnificent breed.  I only wish you were closer to the NE USA, then I could visit.
Jan 19/

Name: Angela Gautney
Email Address:
Comments: I am considering breeding my gaited paint mare. She is mostly white with speckled spots. I would probably need to add more to color to get a good painted coat. I visited your site several times in the past. Your website has greatly improved and is very enjoyable to visit.
Jan 16/

Name: Patricia Laude
Email Address:
Comments: Thank you for a wonderful website
Jan 15 08:20:27 PST

Name: Dilly Dolly
Email Address:
Comments: This site was highly recommended by a friend. It took me forever to find it but now its one of my favorites.  I love my Walking Horse and am always looking for others to enjoy the experience with, and to learn more.  I only pleasure ride her, we both love that.  BYE,BYE.
Jan  6 /

Name: anthony daniel  vondarious daniel
Email Address:
Comments: my son is two years old and he love this music and your horses very much.  keep up the good work.  i live in  tallassee alabama and we have horses also. we look at your web site every day and we love it.
Jan  8/

Name: Dina Heidrich
Email Address: or
Comments: I have had a ball looking through your site.  I wish you weren't so far away; I would love to see your place in person. I would love Center of Attention for myself, but I do live in red clay country.  Oh well.   Thank you for your own time; I'm telling all of my horse friends about your site.     
Fri Jan  4 2002 

Name: molly
Email Address:
Comments: Cool site!
Jan  2,

Name: Painted Desert Farm
Email Address:
Comments: We raise white and colored Thoroughbreds as well as black paints. I came across your wonderful website while doing a search of white Thoroughbreds.   Thank you for the lovely surprise on this snowy Oregon desert night!  Dalene Knight
Dec 28/01

Name: Alishia Bjorson
Email Address:
Comments: This site is awesome.  Keep adding great stuff.
Jan  1,

Name: Andrew Heet
Email Address:
Comments: Great site. lots of helpfull info, and awsome pictures
Dec 19 10:31:11 PST 2001

Name: Beverley Davis
Email Address:
Comments: Saw your article first on the Mysterious Narragansett Pacer and loved it. And since you're in my area, I may come calling looking for a young mare in the future
Dec 18 07:31:18 PST 2001

Name: stephanie
Email Address:
Comments: this is a great site i love it.. great job! i think it was nice of you to do ghost horses. it's really interesting!!!!
Dec 16, 2001

Name: christina
Email Address:
Comments: i love this sight i com every day  and i love the music
Dec 16 11:38:14 PST 2001

Name: janice whitlock
Email Address:


Dec 13 07:36:17 PST 2001

Name: jay Lepselter
Email Address:
Comments: thanks for giving me your site address. great looking horses!  talk to you soon!
Dec 14 20:56:10 PST 2001

Name: Dawn Richardson
Email Address:
Comments: I owned Midnight Master and Ebony's Final Chance and would like to know more about their history, can anyone help me?
Sun Dec  9 12:02:05 PST 2001


Koreen Lieber

Email Address:



Please help before I have an accident! My horse is wonderful. Believe it or not she has no bad habits. The only problem I have is that she trips a lot and sometimes we end up on the ground. She is a 5 year old and has been doing this since she was trained at 2 1/2 yrs. Could she have a problem with her legs? I've looked at them and there evidence that there is a problem. I've even rolled the shoes in front and it doesn't make a difference.

I've been really worried about this.  I would appreciate any help you could give about this problem.

Thanking you in advance for your time in reviewing this question.

Koreen Lieber
Sat Dec  8 08:16:03 PST 2001


Esther Hicks

Email Address:


Great site!  Wish you were closer.  I'm in SC, clear across the country!  Beautiful horses!  Thanks for the time you spend on the site!
Sat Dec  8 13:28:56 PST 2001



Email Address:


I really enjoyed looking at all your photos and great info.   I will be a new owner of a TW in January!  I have always been a QH rider but my grandpa in the 1960's was into TW and it was his life!  As a little girl I thought the TW was way to big and lifted the feet too high! ha   Grandpa did let me ride in the back seat a few times.  He was showing his horses every  weekend and traveled the USA with his horses!   I am just doing trails and going to enjoy that smooth ride!  again, great web site!   Judy

Thu Dec  6 15:41:24 PST 2001

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