World Grand Champion in 1986
Pride's Jubilee Star
Pride's Jubilee Star #764596

Pride's Jubilee Star was foaled on February 22, 1976, bred and owned initially by John N. Ross of Smyrna, Tennessee. He was sold as a yearling to Jane and Ted Armour of Shelbyville and, under saddle, went through a series of trainers including Dude Crowder, Bill Bobo, the late Buddy Kirby, Phillip Wilson, Bill Sledge, David Landrum and Ricky Womack. The stallion came under Bullington's direction during the ownership of Dr. and Mrs. Buris Boshell of Birmingham. He enjoyed a successful campaign during the year and a half he was owned by the Boshells, proving himself in both amateur and open competition. His blues included titles in such prestigious show rings as the National Trainers' Show, Georgia Jamboree, International, Baton Rouge and Montgomery.

He became a 1983 World Champion with a win in B division of the Walking Stallion, 15.2 and Over class, but placed fifth in the stake. The Parks family, attracted to the horse's powerful energy and proud carriage, became the owner of Pride's Jubilee Star in June, 1984, with receiving trainer Ricky Womack acting as agent and advisor. P. J. was placed back under Bullington's direction prior to the 1985 fall shows, producing a reunion victory at the Alabama Jubilee in Decatur.

For the 1986 campaign, the stallion was shown selectively and sparingly, scoring victories at the Trainers' Show, Columbia Spring Jubilee and Lewisburg, Tennessee. He was reserve to Pride's Hurricane at the Celebration Spring Fun Show in his only defeat of the season.

It was a dream shared and a date with destiny fulfilled when the bold-walking, high-headed bay stallion swept around the historic oval of the Celebration show ring in the victory pass of the 1986 World Grand Champion.

Trainer Ramsey Bullington was at his reins, tasting for the second consecutive year the sweets of the ultimate win in Tennessee Walking Horse competition. Sharing the summit of success on the sidelines was the Bob Parks family, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the owners of the horse.

Pride's Jubilee Star, with his "big motah"- as Bullington described the horse's drive-revving to the redline, had captured all three of the judges' first-place votes, as well as the adulation and applause of the Celebration crowd.

The 10-year-old horse had won the Division B class of Walking Stallions, 15.2 and Over, on the previous Saturday night and was considered among the top favorites for the Big Stake. The crowd's approbation to his entry under the spotlights for the final class of the 48th annual Celebration was a foretoken of the strong possibility of his wearing the floral horseshoe.

Pride's Jubilee Star in Action
Trainer Ramsey Bullington directs the energy and animation, the spirit and style of Pride's Jubilee Star in his 1986 World Grand Championship victory pass, at the 48th annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville.

There was magic in the impeccable performance of Bullington and "P. J." in their seemingly tireless presentation of all three gaits, both ways the ring, and in the all-field workout. Both the trainer and the horse exhibited the best of showmanship-animation of style and spirit-in a flawless exhibition of what a World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse should be.

This same aura of horse and rider followed the team to the evergreen horseshoe of the winner's circle for close crowd contact and the flashing strobes of amateur and professional photographers: P. J. 's ears were up and Ramsey smiled happily.

Winning the Celebration as World Grand Champion was a dream come true for the Parks/Bullington/Pride's Jubilee Star combo, a date with destiny, kept. Now, another dream, another destiny, await the potency of P. J. 's progeny.

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Pride's Jubilee Star pedigree

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Mary Ellen,     
This is Newton Parks in Murfreesboro. I wanted to drop you a line and let you I enjoyed browsing through your website. I especially enjoyed looking at PJ's pictures in your gallery of World Grand Champions. He was a very special member of our family and it meant a lot to me that you took the time to honor him.    Thanks Again,

                                                                                   Newton Parks

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