Merry Night Cap was a 17 hand, coal black, direct son of Midnight Sun and out of a Merry Maker mare. He was a 3/4's brother to Pride of Midnight. He was owned by a gentleman in MS for the first 14 years of his life and was professionally trained as a young horse by Jerry Woodlee. Mary Ellen Areaux purchased him in TN at the age of 14 and stood him at stud for 10 years.

He was the gentlest horse in the world to handle, had great presence, won the sire and get class in the Southwest Futurity a few times, produced about 86% solid matter what color the mare was.

In 1987, he was sold to Bill Harlin of Harlinsdale Farm to take up the Midnight Sun mantle from the late Pride of Midnight; however, they were not able to collect him artificially.

All of their breeding was done artificially. So Mary Ellen Areaux took him back and (because he suffered from the extreme heat in Texas) found a loving home for him with Susan Maier in Oregon, where he passed away in 1988.

Riding Merry Night Cap was like floating on a cloud. He had a huge fan-club in Texas and for a time, he was shown in the futurity at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas every year.  There were so many people that came back year after year to see him. We thought we were going to have to put a clock on his stall that said 'next showing in 15 minutes' as we were constantly taking him out of his stall to show to people.

He was a gentle giant and Oh, so beautiful and loving.

The genes of this unforgettable horse live on in his progeny, which have scattered around the States, Canada, and even as far away as Scotland.

Photos of some of the get of Merry Night Cap
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