For Sale - Lilly's Express AT STUD - A PAINTED ECLIPSE #20905199 - 15.1 hand, black tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse stallion. Triple registered TWHBEA, SSHBEA and NSSHA and homozygous for the tobiano gene. Foaled 04/19/2009. Standing in Mississippi. THE GHOST OF EBONY MASTERPIECE - 1962 World Grand Champion,son of Skipper Son Midnight, grandson of Midnight Sun. Sire of an incredible dynasty of World Grand Champions, including 1969 WGCh Ebonys Senator, 1974 WGCh Another Masterpiece, 1975 WGCh Ebonys True Grit, 1980 WGCh Ebony Mountain Man, 1983 WGCh Ebonys Bold Courier; grandsire of 1985 WGCh Prides Final Edition, 1988 WGCh Docs High Tribute, 1991 WGCh Flashy Pride, 1994 WGCh Gens Armed And Dangerous, 1998 WGCh Masquerading; great-grandsire of 1997 WGCh Generators Santana, 1999 WGCh RPM, 2003 WGCh The Whole Nine Yards. Sire of 3,554 foals. 1956-1987 THE GHOST OF ALLAN F-1 -  founding sire of the breed, sire of Roan Allen F-38 and Hunters Allen F-10. 1886 - 1910 Left Side of Barn Walk On Our stallions deliver some of the most time honored bloodlines in the breed.  Click on a ghost horse to read a little of their history.
Last Updated: March 27, 2017
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